My journey- finding out about the past, and making a novel out of it.

My novel is mainly about the dilemma of emigration. Most of my relatives made a mistake by staying in the Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, or later in the communist Czechoslovakia after the war.

I emigrated from the communist Czechoslovakia when it was almost not worth it- 1986. In 1989, the Communist system crumbled.

I live in England. I have worked  here as a Family doctor for more than 30 years, This is London, my patients were from many ethnic backgrounds. Many of them were,like me, refugees.

After my mother, a Holocaust survivor died, I started thinking about writing a  book about the story of my family and people I knew. For a while, I called it ” My Jewish book”. But then I realised that was not what I wanted to do. I believe that people of different ethnic groups are not only equal, but also similar.  Antisemitism, racism, religious  or political persecution, it is all the same problem.

Emigration is a major issue nowadays.

Of course, I don’t understand it very well. But maybe I understand it better than others. Many of my relatives and I were refugees at one time. My sons are first generation immigrants – they were both born in Prague.

Making my book a novel, rather than writing non fiction gives me more freedom and it is more fun.

And my relatives will not want to kill me! I am not writing about them. Those characters are fictional, although the similarities are not coincidental.

My book is almost finished, but it will need a lot of work.

I will also blog from time to time about other things. Maybe if you get to know me, you’ll be curious to read  my book…

3 thoughts on “My journey- finding out about the past, and making a novel out of it.

  1. “Wish me luck,” you said, Eva Hnizdo. What jumped out of me when I read this was, “Oh, we’ll do more than that.” By sharing your dream, my guess is that many of us will now be following your journey and cheering you on, especially since you have multiple stories to tell. Time to get to work and all the best , Jeanne


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