Green Book- is it anti-racist enough? I think so!

So, I have seen the film Green Book, and I thought the film was fantastic.

I know people like Spike Lee were saying it was just a film to make white people feel good. Well, I am white, but I am also Jewish, and, in my opinion, it was a wonderful story of two very different people learning from each other, fight their prejudices and influencing others. I cried at the end and I almost NEVER cry at movies. It was not black and white, well apart from the main actors LOL.

Of course, no white person can tell how a black person feels, but it is probably the same the other way around, and maybe we should all try.

I am trying, anyway, and so did the people in the film.

I have a problem with things being dismissed like this. This is a film about racism and will make people think.

And the critique made me think about the “ Uncle Tom” derogatory term, which I understand, but the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin which I read as a child did a lot for the abolitionist cause precisely because it showed that no matter how docile and obedient a slave might be, it does not help because slavery is evil, in any form. I felt the same reading the slave narrative:

It is a diary of a slave in 18th century who at first thinks slavery is ok if you have good masters (he grew up in Africa with slavery being normal). Then he gradually finds out that opinion is completely wrong.

What I liked about Green Book was the fact that the roles kept switching, the educated refine intellectual pianist, the working class semi-literate Italian New Yorker, but of course, in the Deep South in 1962, they were just Black and White.

And maybe it made me feel good as an ignorant white person, but in my opinion, both Black and White people can learn from this film.

And if I am talking bullshit, let me know why! OK?


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