Social media presence…hmmm

My book is going to be published in September. I am doing the last copy editing and will hopefully soon get the cover draft. It is exciting. My publisher is going to do most of the marketing, but everybody is telling me that I need to do some, too.

So after spending most of the time writing the book, I am now working on my “ social media presence.”

Good luck to me. I have no business brain.

I listened to lots of webinars run by people who know what they are doing. That night help, or not.

I have lots of ideas, some of them undoubtedly silly.

One is to introduce my main characters.

Another is explaining the history a bit.

So watch this space.

Today, after listening to all those webinars, I can only write a pointless article like this one.


So I will at least tell you about a lecture I heard yesterday. it was very interesting, and topical for my book, because it was about Theresienstadt, where my book takes you in the first part. Dr Anna Hajkova is a historian, from Czechia, but living in the UK. Like me.

4 thoughts on “Social media presence…hmmm

  1. Thank you for following “Anything is Possible!” I look forward to reading your book. I was also writing a novel with family history stories based on my parents and got a very rough draft done in November. Now, I’m focusing on getting the family history part docuemented (with fiction added to fill in the gaps) for my grown children, family, and close friends. Maybe it will lead to a novel some day. I understand the challenges of marketing a book since I self published my first books. Most of us who are creative are not strong in business. But good for you for learning! Maybe I’ll find a publisher for the novel… Best wishes!


    1. Thank you ! My adult sons also want be to do the real story. I might. Fiction is more fun.
      Yes the business part is tough. I am trying to do a mailing list but failing miserably with the technology. As my son would say, the problem is between the monitor and the chair .


      1. Ha! I understand. Technology is hard. They should be able to make it less complicated. I have a small email list but don’t use it much. But they say it’s what we need to do. Sometimes I schedule myself to work on business/technology for 30 minutes followed by a reward, like dark chocolate. But sometimes I eat the chocolate halfway through the 30 minutes. When you get your book published, feel free to contact me in a comment or via my contact or Facebook page.


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