What has my book Why didn’t they leave? has in common with Good King Wenceslas carol?

The date my book will be published by Book Guild publishers is 28th September, it is a holiday in Czechia, the Czech Statehood Day.

Stained Glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, depicting Wenceslaus I or Vaclav the Good, Duke of Bohemia

copyright ©jorisvo/123RF.COM

It is the anniversary of the assassination of king Vaclav- the Good king Wenceslas from the English Christmas carol. He was sainted and is the patron of Czech lands.


I don’t quite understand why the anniversary of his assassination should be the Statehood Day, nor how he got to the English Christmas carol.

However, it reminds me of the strong Czech patriotism of my Jewish ancestors. They loved the country, the first president Thomas Garigue Masaryk, they felt Czech before they felt Jewish. It didn’t help them in the war, but they would probably all agree with me saying I am a Jewish Czech, not a Czech Jew, do you understand the difference?

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