Travelling Mercies by Anne Lamott

I don’t read books by very religious people. Not often.

But this was very surprising. I am faithless. Completely . Not just deity. Even science. I believe that as far as we know… but I also know that some scientific evidence will be replaced by new one, maybe contrary. A lot of things I learnt in medical school are no longer true. That’s good that science unlike religion allows that development . Maybe even that is not true. Maybe religions change their idea of God. I am not saying there is evidence God doesn’t exist. There is also no evidence he does. For me though, even if he existed, there is a very unlikely chance he would care about us humans.

So reading a book by Anne Lamott, someone with so strong faith in Jesus and God and like the book is the least thing I would expect.
There are other things completely alien to me. Her alcoholism and drugs, the obsessive anxious mothering to her beloved son Sam. I don’t think she could be any different from me or my idea about what person should aim for.
Yet I loved the book.
Her self deprecating humour, her lack of pomp, her love for people from her church and others. The style. Those witty sentences, each of them could be a quote . I would feel happy if I could write event just 3 sentences as human , humorous and kind like she does. Her book is full of them .
I’d like to read her fiction. This is more a diary or a memoir.
If she was my friend she would probably drive me nuts, although she seems to be a caring, kind and faithful friend. She is a strange but a good creature. But she is not a friend, she is a famous writer that I would never meet, this book made me love her, albeit from a safe distance.
As I said; surprising. I don’t pray. But her prayers ” Help me , help me, help me ” and ” Thank you, thank you, thank you ” are the best prayers I can imagine. Will I pray? Nope. But if I was that in my opinion non existing God , I would answer her prayers while chuckling at her humour.

4 thoughts on “Travelling Mercies by Anne Lamott

  1. I think she is the funniest person alive. It reflects her enormous creative gift.
    Those gifts are beyond belief. She is so loving, funny and engaging that she is universally loved.

    My own review would not have been as good, but I would have added a quotation from a line or lines that left me belly laughing, or, simply cracking up.

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