Smorgasbord Christmas Book Fair – #Historical Eva Hnizdo, Andrew Joyce – #SciFi – Thorne Moore, John L. Deboer

Thank you for writing about my book and providing so many wonderful blogs.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the Christmas book fair and today a combination of historical and science fiction novels.

The first author today who recently joined the cafe and bookstore is Eva Hnizdo with her debut novel, released in September. The historical Jewish fiction Why Didn’t They Leave?

About the book

You can’t ask for asylum in another country just because your mother drives you nuts, so when 19-year-old Zuzana flees from communist Czechoslovakia to England in 1972, she says she just wants freedom. Her relationship with her mother, Magda – a Holocaust survivor who lost most of her family in the concentration camps – is toxic and Zuzana finds happiness in London with a loving husband and beautiful son. But when her mother dies, Zuzana is crushed by guilt and feels an overwhelming urge to discover more about her family’s tragic history. So, she embarks on a life-changing journey, discovers some incredible…

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