It is still August, but more in my Salman Rushdie month. it will be a couple of days longer.

I am reading his autobiography.

The cover name comes from Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekhov.

The book is written in third person. unusual for an autobiography, but it works. It shows the life in hiding, as if this is not the whole Salman Rushdie, just the Salman Rushdie after ” his fatwa”.

It is well written, witty, sad, clever.

It also explains all the myths about his arrogance, ungratefulness, selfishness, and of course the allegedly unreadable “The Satanic Verses “

I disagree with all this.

The person writing this book does not seem arrogant, selfish, or ungrateful.

And although The Satanic Verses is NOT my favourite Salman Rushdie book, it was a certainly not unreadable, and I never thought about not finishing it. It’s an interesting book.

Most of the people criticising it probably never read it. But even if the book was terrible, it does not justify a death sentence for the author. And it is NOT a terrible book. And Salman Rushdie is a talented writer and it seems, a good man.

I wish him a recovery from the horrible injuries caused by intolerance and hatred.

4 thoughts on “It is still August, but more in my Salman Rushdie month. it will be a couple of days longer.

  1. Eva,

    The vast majority of people have no idea who Salman Rushdie is, perhaps an author who has offended an extremist attitude, but little else.
    The vast majority know only what TV news tells them, they have no idea what kind of content Rushdie writes.
    Is there a case for an explanation, as is the case for most exaggerated differences?

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  2. I think he is a esteemed author with many prizes, including the Booker Prize, and I think his predicament is important. If we let books being burned and writers being attacked , we are returning to the dark ages of Hitler, Stalin, or Spanish Inquisition. His plight is my plight.


    1. This is fascinating, Thank you! Of course, there were authors victims of Stalin, and presumably elsewhere. I will look for the novel they mention- City without Jews”


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