Will anybody publish my book?

My book is ready for publishing. The question is, are the agents or publishers ready for my book? Sending submissions seems to be a full time job. Every agent wants something else. First 30 pages, first 50 pages, synopsis, some as attachment some in the body of the email.And allegedly the agents have about 7 minutes to decide whether they want to even read the manuscript attachments.I need a secretary!It would be so great if an agent would bite my bait…I feel that I would like to read a book like mine.

It’s not just another Holocaust book, although Holocaust affects life of most of the characters.

It is mainly about emigration, how people are all very similar, we are all human.

This is the ending of my novel:

“I am not Jewish enough for the Jews or black enough for the Grenadians, or Czech enough for the Czechs. What am I, Mum?”

I told him what Hilda, my great aunt, wrote in a hospital questionnaire in America years before anybody realised the extent of her dementia. Under RACE she filled in HUMAN.

Adam smiled and said: “Not so demented after all then.” 

                                    THE END

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