Racism, only small steps to make it disappear.

I am thinking about racism, and how the Europeans very often pretend to themselves that it is just an American and South African problem. I read this article. It surprised me, I knew about racism the West Indian immigrants encountered in the UK in the sixties. But I never realised that it wasn’t just racist landlords with their ” No dogs, no blacks” on the door. There had to be a change of law, and men like Paul Stephenson fought to change it. And I am thinking about some Jewish people I know who talk about antisemitism, only to then make some racist remarks about black or Indian people. And I feel that we should all know better. Know that people are equal, and not so different. My novel, which I still don’t have an agent is not just another Holocaust book. It deals with this, too. I don’t want my grandchildren grow up in a racist society. There was progress, but look at the # BLM movement. The battle with racism is not won.


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