With a book cover, the book suddenly seems real.

I didn’t like it, but everybody else does, so I must be wrong. I got used to it.

I had correspondence with the marketing team from my British publisher and found out that they will only do trade and media marketing in the UK. That was a bit of a disappointment. So I will need to use some of my contacts and social media. Both paperback and e-book will be available on Amazon.

I am trying to build my mailing list. I am not planning to send lots of newsletters.

Just some brief comments about the characters and maybe historical background of the book.

And some giveaways and information about time of the publishing.

Are you interested?

If yes, here is my signing box. Come on, sign it, you know you want to! 

LOL: And yes, I know I should not use LOL at my age!


This is the cover of my book:

4 thoughts on “With a book cover, the book suddenly seems real.

  1. I also like the cover. I’ve only visited Prague once, but it’s impossible to forget that bridge. It is hard to do marketing anywhere (well, at least for me, as I’m rubbish at it), but there’s plenty of advice around, although each person eventually finds what works for them (hopefully)! Good luck with your book!


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