Only slightly more than 2 months till the book comes out!

I had to do the proofreading on my typeset  book. One of my American friends, a writer, read the book for me, too, she said “ I want to read it anyway so might as well help with the proofreading. ” Very kind.

That is where I realised that grammatically, there are more differences between British and American English than I thought! Fascinating. She also told me about em and en dashes- never heard of them, I just use hyphen -.

I should apparently also never use ;;;;. But again, in Britain they do. I am getting published by a British publisher, so I am writing in British English ( with a Czech accent).

I have a zoom meeting with the marketing department of my publisher next week. I looked, and it is already on amazon UK:

It is exciting, but also scary. What if nobody reads it? Or what if they do read it but they think it’s terrible !?

Some people might say : How dare she write in English, when it is her 5th language? ( It is, but now after Czech my best one, my German, French and Russian got worse, and my English got much better.

 But you know what? I believe one should be daring. What’s the worst that can happen? The book sinks? If it does, I am writing another one.

And if you want to say, “ How dare she?” you have my permission to do that.

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