Mystery and pitfalls of Amazon book reviews.

While my book has already been available in the USA since the beginning of August, it will only be available in the UK on 28th September. I have spoken to writers friends about Amazon reviews and their pitfalls. Of course, I would love it if people who read my book could post a review on Amazon, preferably both sides of the Atlantic ( copy and paste it) and maybe Goodreads. It could all be the same review. But there are pitfalls: Amazon apparently remove anything which could be written by author’s close family members. I am not worrying about that. But apparently, if there is a rush of reviews on certain dates- like 50 reviews a day, Amazon also removes them. So I worry. I worry that the nice people who read my book and want to review it will do it on the first date available and they would be too many. So what I am hoping for is a gradual treacle of reviews. I supposed it is easy to see in “customer reviews” if there are already too many on that day. Of course, I am being presumptuous. Maybe nobody will review my book anytime anywhere. But I hope that won’t happen.

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