Exciting week -book and a BBC Radio 4 Interview

It’s all happening, official British launching of my book, my BBC Radio 4 interview.

On 28th September, my book will officially be published in th UK. There is also a possibility to review the book on the publisher’s site. The book has already been available in the USA since 5th August.


So whoever is kind enough to want to review my book on Amazon, Goodreads, Book Guild please do so. I usually copy and paste my reviews to all those sites. Can’t wait to read what people thought!

On Wednesday 29th September, my BBC Radio 4 interview will be broadcast at 9.30 UK time and 20.45 UK time, it will also be available as a podcast. I was nervous, but the producer Sheila Cook and the presenter Olly Mann made it easier for me by their friendly kind approach.

Here is the link:


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